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My story

The Story behind The Academy

English With Angelina is a social media created by Angelina to help students and adult learners around the world to speak English in a different way.

Once Angelina has increased her visibility she created The English Academy, which is an e-learning platform and a streaming platform.

Guiding your business through the project

On top of that, she produces on-demand training for corporate and businesses that have specific needs.

Meet our team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals

Seysar Rinatofani

Assistant & Social Media Manager


Video editor & YouTube Manager

Angelina Gunes

Founder & English Teacher

You are a business and you would like an English program your employees?

We offer:

  • An exclusive and on-demand program retailed to your needs on live lessons.
  • An exclusive access to the e-learning platform, only available for businesses.
  • Have access to the streaming platform from anywhere.

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